Artistic31mama Scholarship

About Scholarship

We are always committed to provide help to students to get success in their education. We are also aware about the importance of proper education. Considering this, we have decided to create a scholarship namely “Artistic31mama Scholarship” to provide some financial help to students.

Under this Scholarship program, we shall pay $2500 to one student selected in this scholarship.Related image

Who is Eligible?

All students who have attained age of 16 years are eligible to apply for our scholarship essay contest. Applicants must be pursuing their education presently in any educational institute.

GPA should be at least 2.5

Application process and Guidelines for Scholarship

To enter our Artistic31mama Scholarship, you will need to write an decent looking essay on “Best habits to lead a healthy life”. It must be at least 1000 words in length. It should be very well written, no plagiarism shall be accepted.

The style is not necessarily to be in an academic style – you can be creative, unique and use your own style and imagination.

Essay Requirements:

– The essay length should be 1000 + words
– Be concise and creative
– The essay must be unique and original

All applications must be sent to: with the title “Scholarship Essay Contest” along with

  • Your CV/Resume
  • Acceptance letter of the college or university

Important Dates

  1. Contest ends on Dec 25th, 2018
  2. Winners will be announced- end of Dec, 2018.

Once this scholarship is awarded, a check will be written in the name of winner as enrolled in school and credited for academic expenses.