Cliché meaning

What does cliché mean? It means a typical stereotype, something that is pretty common about a particular group of things or people.

Examples: –

  • Whenever it was his turn to talk, Jon would end up using cliché phrases that would have been plagiarized from the social media platforms. This had become an annoying affair to us.
  • As the argument progressed, the wife ended up using cliché phrases, and the husband went on taunting her. At the end, the wife was booked for physical violence.
  • It is very important for teenagers to learn about vocabulary, and not keep using the cliché phrases that they learn in school as well as through the social media platforms. It will only help them out in the long run.
  • There are a lot of cliché phrases that you would need to get rid of from your vocabulary so that you would start to make sense to the others.
  • It takes a lot for you to understand how you can get rid of vocabulary problems, but the first thing for you to do is to get rid of cliché phrases.