Play with Alex Little Jumper Trampoline

Childhood is the finest living period of a man’s life
with lot of energy .Your children have immense rate of growth at this stage and
they need to be sportive to ensure their growth of muscles. For this, they
run,play and jump here and there. But,if there were no play ground beside your
house,what would they do?  They will jump on the beds.But now a days Alex little
Jumper Trampoline ensures you that,there is no more monkeys jumping on the

Alwx Little Jumper


The alex Little Jumper  Trampoline is a suitable playable
things to your child.Its no wondering that,every kids loves jumping
relentlessly. It seems that,they are having an adventure at each jump  .For this
kind of activity of your kid ,you may be conscious about the safety. The Alex little
Jumpers Trampoline is a safe and enjoyable things that will keep your children
active in jumping safely.

Alex Little Jumper
Trampoline Product Description


The Alex little Jumper  Trampoline ensures better
bouncing and safety with a durable mat. Children under 80 lbs can easily move on
it.A foam-covered handle offers support at the time of rebounding. It has a
measurement of 34.5 x 34.5 x 29.5 inches and weights only 13.3 lbs .It is very
easy to store when it is in not use as it’s legs can be easily folded in a fine
fashion and the handle can be removed in a flash.  So, you need not any extra
space to store in your house. It is really a very big advantage of having a Alex
little Jumper Trampoline for your kids in your home. See our guide on in ground trampoline

Alex Little Jumper
Trampoline Product Features


  • capable of holding up to 80 pounds
  • a non-slip rubber feet ensures the safety
  • paddle handle gives a full support while bouncing
  • Convenient to store


Product details and reviews:

The Alex Little Jumper
Trampoline will provide a safer activity for your kids. When it is uncomfortable
to play outside like in rainy or hot summer, your kids can have fun by moving
their feet on this Alex little Jumper  Trampoline.

Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline

There are several elements that construct the Alex little
Jumpers Trampoline.They are-

1. A steel metal frame

2. A cord lock

3. A bungee Cord

4. A bouncing mat

5. A paddle handle

6. Screws and special wrench


The set up will require less than one hour
obviously. First you have to assemble the metal frame that comes in 4 steel body
parts. There are springs but they do not require any extra assembly. Now, you
must attach the bounchig mat to the bungee cord. Don’t forget to lock the cord
with the provided metal lock. The padded handle must be attached into the slots
on the frame. Be careful on putting the foldable legs in proper place before
letting your child to jump.


Colourful things always attract your children, they
will surely be charmed at the colorful mat. The handle that is used is fully
padded so it will be very much safe and comfortable for your kids while
jumping. You must be ensure first that , your children removes his shoes
first. Now,it is really safe for your children to jump as well as it will lessen
the probability of damaging of the toys. You must be kept your eyes on your kids
while they are on it. You may also keep the trampoline on a soft gym mat to
ensure extra safety. Your children may get fall down as they are very sportive
and active while jumping. It may cause a fatal injury to your children. So you
must ensure this kind of safety measures.


the trampoline’s removable handles and foldable legs, storage has never been
easier!  After playtime, you can stash the trampoline in the closet, down in the
basement, in the garage or even under the bed.  You can even put it back into
its box and prop it against the wall.


After the play , it is really easier to store the ALex
little jumping trampoline. You can fold it easily as it has folded legs. You may
keep it easily down in the basement or under your bed or even in your garage.


Children love playing. The are full of energy. Their
activity helps them to discover everything. They keep on moving and jumping. The
Alex Little Jumper Trampoline allows a child to jump safely. This amazing
Jumping tools are available through and for any kind of help , you
may contact with the customer service hotline.Really, by this little Jumper,
you can make your children more energetic,more enthusiastic and brave.